Dec 30, 2011

Body Language

An article by Adam Dachis has a few interesting points about body language.
It includes some ideas on the way that we carry ourselves and the way it is interpreted by others. There is a lot of research (and also a consulting company, Sociometric Solutions, that I happen to work for :)) that leverage technology in order to learn from human gestures and its interpretation. When discussing body language, it is very important to be aware of cultural differences that effect the way that we perceive behavior. For example, some gestures could be considered insulting in certain cultures and not significant at all in other cultures.

I apologize if the image offends anyone 
Here are a few ideas and a few quotes from the article. I will include a link to the full article at the end of this post
  1. "We lie a lot" (House says it better) If you believe this, you will find it helpful to know a thing or two about body signals. 
  2. Eye contact is good! 
  3. Intuition. In contrast to what the article suggests, I think that our intuition is something we can improve and develop so that it can assist us in estimating situations. 
  4. "Some people are just awkward" Remember to take all the "How to..." guides with a grain of salt. Especially when it comes to describing or deciphering people's intentions. Every human being is different, it is really difficult to generalize and to expect it to fit accurately to everyone. 
  5. "We tend to mimic the behavior of others to some extent" I admit that I usually get uncomfortable when people talk about mimicry.  I do believe however, that we have some influence on the person we are interacting with. We can send "vibes" that can catch on to the other person and somewhat effect the interaction
  6. "Remember: Body Language Is Only Part of the Picture"

Link to the full article:
How to Read Body Language to Reveal the Underlying Truth in Almost Any Situation, BY ADAM DACHIS

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  1. Very good article! Read more about body language and nonverbal communication @

  2. Ha, I would not have noticed the picture if you had not apologized for it in the caption.