Feb 24, 2011

Arts & Management

Finally someone acknowledges that the combination of art and business is meaningful!

It took me time to explain (again and again) the connection between all the design in my background and my current MBA degree... In my MBA program we were three architects and one sculptor, and it was pretty easy to spot the artists in our program. What differentiates the artists/designers? I think it is false to claim that quantifying things is less valueable to artists. I do believe that there are other things a design/art-oriented person values that others might not pay attention to. I do agree that art education sharpens the sensitivity to the way one delivers a message, and it encourages artists to be bold and willing to take risks. 

Enjoy the article ! 
(Reut, thanks for the link)

Feb 22, 2011

Hello World !

I love people, and I am fascinated by their interaction with each other and with their environment - professional and otherwise. I want to help create organizations, processes, and spaces that encourage productivity and make people happy.

These days I work in areas of organizational development, organizational behavior, and training. Particularly, I specialize in change-management - helping companies, organizations, and individuals deal with the periods of change. A period of change could be a start-up experiencing rapid growth, two firms merging following an acquisitions, or a company expanding into a new country and a different culture. It could also be many other things since change is an integral part of every organization.

I started this blog to write about things I care about, from organizational development and change management, to some of the things I've done in the past - like landscape architecture, graphic design, branding, communications, or new-media research.

So the HR&D blog will sometimes be about Human Resources and Development.
Sometimes it will be about Human R&D,
Sometimes it will be about Hacks and Radical Design,
Sometimes it will be about Hopes, Realizations, and Dreams,

And sometimes, just sometimes, its going to be about stuff that starts with totally different letters altogether.