Oct 9, 2011

Interesting read about what makes us learn better

Do you hate to be wrong? What is your reaction when you make a mistake?

According to a new paper by Moser at Michigan State University there are two distinct mindsets: a fixed one and a growth one. Having one or the other has an impact on our ability to learn from our mistakes and to improve our performances. 

This interesting article by Jonah Lehrer touches on the difference between feedback that is given on effort versus feedback that is granted for intelligence. Apparently there is a different impact based on the subject of feedback (praise on effort or praise on intelligence as part of an experiment done with children by Carol Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford). 

Should we avoid the unpleasant symptoms of being wrong? 
The article answers this question and others:
Why Do Some People Learn Faster? By Jonah Lehrer, Wired Magazine

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